Ailsa Bay

Concept development, Visual Identity, Identity Elements, Graphic Design, Typography

Purple — Brand / Creative 
Field — Generative Art 
Audiac — Sound Design

New Ailsa Bay brand identity system; a bold, future-focused brand essence and visual direction that presents Ailsa Bay as a whisky brand unlike any other. Ailsa Bay’s science stimulates generative art to create a brand identity system by harnessing scientific data; from sound, heat, movement, distillery cycles and hundreds of other sensor points. 

Inspired by the Creativity of Science idea, we worked closely with the Field team to generate a beautiful and category-defining Ailsa Bay brand art. Data was reinterpreted as responsive colours, materials, shapes and geometric patterns through programmatic code and algorithms. This allowed us to move beyond static visuals, to intriguing interactive art and in-motion activations and potentially personalised executions.


AilsaBay moodboardAilsaBay moodboard

Five stages of production

Each of the five whisky production stages has been styled using both core brand and specific expression colours. These key visuals are produced as moving pieces of motion and are supplied as a square video to fit a variety of different formats.


The key visual for Release 1.2 Sweet Smoke, this image represents the two levels of peated barley, 30PPPM and 50PPPM, coming together and intertwining in a smoky aesthetic.


The mashing process captured in this visual takes place over exactly 5 hours and 59 minutes. Twelve-tonne batches of barley are mixed with 47,000 litres of water at precisely 63.5° C.


The complex fermentation process that occurs in Ailsa Bay’s 50,000-litre washbacks is transformed into code then generated into these beautiful visuals.


The distillation process results into the final value of 22 PPPM for Sweet Smoke, captured by the smoke plumes in this image.


Ailsa Bay Sweet Smoke is cask started in baby bourbon casks. As the name suggests, the casks are just 25-100 litres – a process known as micro-maturation. The liquid is then moved into larger oak casks of up to 600 litres.

AilsaBay busAilsaBay bus
AilsaBay webAilsaBay web