Alex is a freelance designer and design director with over a decade of experience working with national and international design agencies and direct clients.

He puts his knowledge and skills to the test across a wide variety of sectors and disciplines, from branding and visual communication for small businesses, start-ups and global brands.

Over the years, he’s been using his honest made-to-measure approach to design brands from scratch or refresh what they already have. Ensuring the consistent delivery of strategic, purposeful and highly functional creative and design solutions to help businesses stay relevant and show up in ways that make people care.

Currently, he lives and works in London, UK.


Somewhere in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

Okay, back to the roots.

Proudly being half Siberian he grew up in Moscow, Russia. He studied Computer Science at the Moscow State University following the Design Direction course at the British High School of Art & Design before finally moving to London in twenty-o-nine.

As an interesting fact, he also served as an officer in the Russian army for two years. And was responsible for keeping precise time for a global satellite navigation system that provides the real-time position for military and civilian users. Yes, seriously and very top-secret indeed, sort of.

So, here we are.

If you are keen on hearing more about his experience or have a project or opportunity that would benefit from his involvement, drop him a line.


+ Brand Development
+ Visual Identity Design
+ Brand Identity Systems
+ Brand Asset Creation
+ Communication Design
+ Packaging Design
+ Digital Design
+ Typography (incl. Cyrillic)
+ Design Consulting
+ Design Management
+ Creative and Art Direction



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